Welcome to Amethyst Moon Art

Mixed Media, Mosaics & Sculpture by Luna Cameron-Parrish

Luna is a mixed media artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Working in a variety of media – including paint, collage, polymer clay and mosaic – she creates both whimsical and more serious artworks that explore a wide range of issues.

Her repertoire includes furniture, garden and water features, fine art pieces, small sculptures, art journals and large-scale murals. Working mostly from the imagination rather than life, her work is best described as eclectic and quirky.

As well as producing art for exhibitions, Luna takes commissions from private clients, teaches classes and workshops, and works with community groups and private corporations on large collective art projects. Private tuition is also available. For all enquiries, please contact me.


Current & Upcoming Exhibitions:

Stay tuned for exhibitions in 2024 …

Classes & Workshops in 2024

In the first half of 2024, Luna is again working with the Aboriginal Community Elders’ Service. This is the third year that classes have run, and Luna is looking forward to sharing some of the work created by group participants. There are currently no public or community classes scheduled for 2024. Please contact Luna for information about private workshops or tuition.
A round glass and ceramic mosaic featuring the side profile of a female figure sitting inside a crescent moon holding a heart up to a gold star.