Amethyst Moon Art

Welcome to Amethyst Moon Art: Mosaics, Sculpture & Mixed Media Art by Luna Cameron-Parrish

Amethyst Moon Art is the alias of mixed media artist Luna Cameron-Parrish. Beginning her art life as a painter, Luna discovered a love of sculpture and assemblage in 2004 when pursuing a Diploma in Art & Creativity. A foray into the world of mosaics happened around the same time. Since then she has created a diverse range of art from small to large, using a wide variety of media. Her repertoire includes furniture, garden and water features, fine art pieces, small sculptures, art journals and large-scale murals. Working mostly from the imagination rather than life, her work is best described as eclectic, whimsical and quirky.

As well as producing art for exhibitions, Luna takes commissions from private clients, teaches classes and workshops, and works with community groups and private corporations on large collective art projects. Private tuition is also available. For all enquiries, please contact me.

Luna has worked in New Zealand and Adelaide, South Australia. She is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Amethyst Moon - mosaic of the Moon Goddess made with glass, ceramic and smalti by Luna Cameron-Parrish



My latest group exhibition De-Contruction / Re-Construction just launched on the Creativity Cluster Website. This collaboration with eight other women artists is our fourth exhibition together. The virtual exhibition is a prelude to the actual event launching 19th October 2020 at the Dirty Dozen, which is managed by Creative Spaces for the City of Melbourne.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Luna is currently not teaching private lessons. Beginners’ classes are tentatively due to resume again later in the year at The Avenue Neighbourhood House in Blackburn South. For more information please contact Avenue@Eley.