This is a more eclectic collection of works that focus on colour & texture, or pattern. Some of these works do have an underlying theme or concept, while others do not; they are simply an exploration of shape, pattern or form.

Colour & Texture: An Exploration of Materials

Strata Inverta & Strata Disrupta (2020)

Marble, smalti, stone, unglazed ceramic & glass
These two works explore a fascination that I have with sedimentary rocks. I love how layers of different colours and textures are exposed and manipulated as erosion and land movement take their toll over time. These works are companion pieces to one I made in 2012, called Strata Interrupta (see below in this blog post).

A round abstract work in black, silver and purple. The round is divided into 9 sections, separated by small gaps but connected by intersecting lines.

Connected Apart (2020)

Smalti, glass, ceramic, buttons, metal, polymer clay, found objects
This work was created for an online exhibition called “De-construction/Re-construction”, as part of a collaboration with the Creativity Cluster.

Untitled (2020)

Unglazed ceramic, metal, copper wire
Another piece for the “De-construction/Re-construction” exhibition. I couldn’t decide on a name for this work. Any suggestions?

Autumn (2019)

Metallic leaf, ceramic, glass, found objects
This work started with some experimentation with metallic leaf underneath the glass. The adhesive I used changed the underlying colours and it reminded me of autumn leaves.

Pulsing (2018)

Ceramic & smalti
I was very lucky to be gifted some handmade ceramic tiles and samples by a potter who was clearing out her studio. One of these tiles had amazing texture and was the starting point for this small work.

Mauve Mood (2018)

Vintage ceramic tiles, vitreous glass, beads, metal ball chain
This work is all about my favourite colour and was inspired by the vintage tile in the centre. I doubt if you could find these anywhere now!

Rustique (2018)

Unglazed ceramic, smalti, metal, carnelian
I love the patinas that develop on metals as they oxidise or rust. They are beautiful objects in themselves, so this old door lock didn’t need much other than to enhance its lovely colours.

Experiment No. 1 (2018)

Vitreous glass, stone, millefiore, copper wire
The title says it all really – this piece was simply about exploring complementary colour & texture.

Red Landscape (2018)

Unglazed ceramic, copper, glass, ceramic tile
I am not a landscape artist in any sense of the term, but this just reminded me of the Australian outback.

Teardrop on a Fire (2018)

Smalti, ceramic, glass
Inspired by a beautiful Massive Attack song, “Teardrop”.

The Sentinel (2018)

Unglazed ceramic, stone, glass, metal
More metal but the oxidation is more subtle. This piece is more about texture.

Dragon’s Eye (2015)

Pebbles, glass, found object
I don’t use a lot of pebble in my work. The starting point for this piece was the gold vintage button and the pebble colours complemented it very well. What started out as a purely abstract piece soon became something slightly reptilian-looking.

Meteor Shower (2015)

Unglazed ceramic, smalti, fused glass, copper, stone
I was given the glass fusions in this work by an an artist friend of mine, Martin Cheek.

Strata Interrupta (2012)

Marble, smalti, gold glass, metal
Another work that is only slightly landscape-y. I love looking at geographical formations where you can see the sedimentary layers and observe the changes that have occurred over a great expanse of time.

Diatom Table Top (2012)

Ceramic & glass
A commission for a friend who is a marine ecologist. Diatoms are marine micro-organisms.

Bark Study (2011)

Unglazed ceramic
Created for an exhibition titled” Patterns in Nature”, this work was inspired by a piece of bark I collected on one of my walks in the Adelaide Hills.

Vortex (2011)

Ceramic, watch faces, stone, metal, bone, broken crockery
I love the paradox that is inherent in this piece, which is a little bit of an optical illusion. Does time run backwards or forwards? Are things falling into or out of the vortex?

Bursting Through (2011)

Agate & glass
Originally created as a fire screen, this is a work that explores the rejuvenating aspect of an oftentimes destructive force.