As with many of my art pieces, the frames and mirrors I create have an underlying theme and are far from being just decorative pieces. I love the metaphorical ideas that are inherent in these items. Mirrors offer us the concept of reflection in more ways than one. Frames, like windows and doors, can be portals to other worlds, real and imagined. Seen in those terms, they are far from ordinary objects, they are a marriage of function and fantasy.

Frames & Mirrors: Windows & Portals

Medusa’s Mirror (2019)

Polymer clay
Medusa is one of my favourite figures of Greek mythology and she has appeared in my work more than once. Be careful not to look directly into this mirror – you may turn to stone!

Sugar ‘n’ Spice and All Things Nice (2011)

Ceramic tiles, handmade polymer clay pieces, mirror & found objects
Created for a fund-raising exhibition titled, “Because I’m A Girl”. Part of the profits from sales went to Plan International, a charity for the education and support of girls in developing nations.

If Music be the Food of Love … (2011)

Marble, glass, polymer clay, found objects
Inspired by Shakespeare, of course.

Eye Candy (2011)

Handmade polymer clay tiles, glass tiles, glass nuggets, painted marble, millefiore, beads
I nearly called this piece “Purple Power”, but that seemed too obvious …

Fortune is Smiling at You (2010)

Vitreous glass tiles, glass pebbles, handmade polymer clay tiles, ceramic pieces, gold glass, art glass, millefiore & found objects
Created for an exhibition titled ” As Luck Would Have It”. The work contains symbols of prosperity and good luck from different cultures.

The Key (2010)

Smalti, glass, ceramic tiles, handmade ceramic & polymer clay pieces
Inspired by the frame’s shape and a drawing I made of a gateway.

Sunburst (2010)

Copper wire, smalti & glass
A frame that became a mirror so that the viewer could see the Sun in themselves.

Daisy Chain (2009)

Vitreous glass, beads, plastic flowers
A softer colour palette for a change.

Homage to Mondrian (2007)

Bold colours and strong geometric lines – Mondrian’s legacy to the art world.