Being a lover of words and stories, these bespoke art journals came about as a way to combine art, craft, writing and reading in one package. Unlike Artists’ Books, the pages do not contain my doodlings or musings; rather the art work is mostly on the exterior, with blank pages for your own creative ramblings. They make a unique gift for the writer or artist in your life!

Bespoke Art Journals

Daffodil Days (2020)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, glass, beads, millefiore, metal ball chain, found objects
A little A5-size journal inspired by one of my Mum’s favourite flowers, the Daffodil. The inside cover features the famous poem by William Wordsworth.

Spring Flings, Imaginings & Reminiscings (2020)

Collage of dried flowers, paper & fabric, metal ball chain, glass, polymer clay, found objects
A different sort of book for me, this art journal celebrates the arrival of Spring and all the emotions that come with it.

The Moon Maiden’s Muse Book (2020)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, glass, beads, metal ball chain, found objects, millefiore, glass mosaic (back cover)
After not having made a journal for some time, I decided during Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown period to make one for myself. As you can see, I decorated it with all my favourite things! This is the perfect place for doodling ideas for new bespoke art journals.

A mixed media art journal cover decorated with polymer clay, coins, vintage buttons, glass and found objects.

Serene Sonnets (2020)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, vintage coins & buttons, glass, metal ball chain & found objects
A journal in softer tones for penning poetry or recording reflections.

Butterflies, Moonbeams & Fairy Tales (2018)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, ceramic, beads, metallic tiles
Inspired by a line from a Jimi Hendrix song, “Little Wing”.

Random Reveries (2018)

Glass, polymer clay, beads, millefiore & metal ball chain
When we allow our minds to wander, we can make many random twists and turns, finding ourselves in unexpected places.

Dreams of Flying & Other Adventures (2017)

Acrylic paint, glass, handmade polymer clay pieces
This journal is based on a picture of an old-fashioned hot air balloon. It conjures the feeling of quietly drifting.

Technicolour Daydreams (2017)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, beads, buttons, millefiore
Sometimes you’ve just got to have a riot of colour!

DreamWeaver (2017)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, glass, metallic leaf, beads
A Dream journal for night time meanderings…

Flights of Fancy (2016)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, ceramic, glass, beads, millefiore
The inspiration for this piece came from the little Scottie dog, which was a vintage button. He is a little bit mischievous!

Siren Songs (2014)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, shells, glass, metal
Based on a love of Mermaids!

Soul Yearnings (2011)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, glass, ceramic, millefiore, cufflinks
A more free-form piece, but there’s still wings and a heart of course …

Mystical Musings (2011)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, glass, buttons, metal, marble
Prior to making my art journals from scratch, I started by decorating notebook covers. This is one of the first of those.

Journeys of the Mind and Heart (2011)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, glass, beads, millefiore, metal, paper
My very first bespoke art journal, inspired by a vintage phrenology poster.

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