My hearts are sometimes whole, sometimes broken, and recently I have started adding wings and/or eyes. As a universal symbol for love/friendship/kindness/compassion and all those things to be most valued about humans, it can’t be surpassed. Flowers have great symbolism and metaphorical significance in all cultures.

A love of gardens and nature means that these go together for me.

Hearts & Flowers: Tokens of Love & Remembrance

A heart-shaped mosaic with a flower shape in the middle. The mosaic features some beautiful vintage buttons, jewellery and handmade polymer clay millefiore.

In the Heart of the Garden Lies the Garden of My Heart (2020)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, buttons, beads, millefiore, metal
I had a collection of polymer clay pieces that needed to be used up, so this was the result!

Raggedy Patchwork Heart (2018)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, buttons, found objects, ribbon
I think we can all relate to the notion of stitching our hearts back together.

Requiem for Love (2018)

Handmade polymer clay pieces, found objects, beads, buttons, coins, metal ball chain, tiles
An homage to loves lost.

Got the Blues (2018)

Handmade ceramic tiles & bead
A handmade ceramic heart with a single tear inspired the colour combination for this piece.

FlowersI, II & III (2013)

Unglazed ceramic tiles
One in a series commissioned by a commercial tile retailer for their showroom, based on a painting by the store manager’s mother.

Red Lily (2011)

Smalti & Italian Glass
The Canna Lily is one of my favourite flowers. I particularly love the dark red ones.

Iris, Pansy & Tulip (2010)

Ceramic tile
Another favourite, the Iris. Like the lily, I have also painted and drawn these. I also find Tulips to be very elegant flowers. Their simple form is very appealing.

Irises (2008)

Oil on board
I love the dark, almost black purple in these beauties.

Zantedeschia Heartbeat (2008)

Acrylic on canvas
Canna lilies again! A painting about love, art and music – all the good stuff!

Midnight in the Garden of Remembrance (2007)

Ceramic, broken crockery, glass, stone, metal, wood, plastic
A memorial piece dedicated to a few special women in my life.

Dum Pace Cordium (2006)

Acrylic on Board
The title is Latin and means “Peace of my Heart”. The painting is inspired by the work of Marc Chagall, one of my favourite artists.

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