I have always admired the elegance of black and white. The stark contrast between them offer a powerful combination that is simple yet sophisticated. The two extremes signify both the absence and presence of light. I find an occasional hint of gold or a bold splash of one other colour can really enhance the overall effect.

It’s All Black & White to Me!

Black & white abstract sculpture

Que? (2018)

Unglazed ceramic over hand-formed metal
I love this piece! It is intended to be both fun and flippant. You might see a dancing figure, or a Q, but for me this work is a metaphorical “flipping the bird” or a WTF? Still one of my favourites.

A black & white hanging sculpture that represents eliptical orbits

Orbital (2018)

Glazed & unglazed ceramic, copper wire, glass bead
A sculpture that represents the micro within the macro and vice versa. Orbital could be the journey of the electrons around the nucleus or the cycle of planets around the sun, or both at the same time. I’m a little bit sciencey like that.

A black & white mosaic with strong geometric shapes

Juxtaposition (2018)

Glazed & unglazed ceramic, gold glass
Strong geometric lines suit the black and white combination I think.

A white mosaic featuring some ceramic figurative elements
Skin & Bones (2018)

Glazed & unglazed ceramic
Utilising some old handmade ceramic pieces from my art school days, this piece makes me think of skeletons and porcelain white skin stretched very thinly. Call me weird …

A black & white hanging diptych sculpture of floating amoebas

You are the Yang to my Yin (2015)

Unglazed & glazed ceramic, millefiore, metallic tiles, copper wire
A couple of amoebas floating in the soup of life. This work is a representation of me and my partner; we are polar opposites and yet so alike in many ways. The paradox of people.

Entwined (2010)

Marble & glazed ceramic on wire-work base
An occasional table, from my furniture restoration phase. I love knot work.

Simpatico I (2010)

Ceramic & glass on wire-work base
The pattern here on the base repeats the wire work below to create a mandala. This chair is part of a diptych.

A little upcycled table in black & white & gold

Simpatico II (2010)

Ceramic & glass on wire-work base
A partner to Simpatico I.

A collection of small furniture pieces

Entwined, Simpatico I & Simpatico II (2010)

A grouping of black & white against an autumn back drop.

An upcycled wire chair with a red figure

My Fair Lady (2007)

Ceramic & glass on wire-work base
I love the art nouveau period but wanted to keep the colour scheme simple for this small chair. The design was inspired by a vintage poster.

A black & white abstract acrylic painting

Metamorphosis (2006)

Acrylic on paper
An exploration of shapes that could be hearts or could be butterflies …

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