As you will see on my Goddess page, the female form appears quite often in my work. Fabulous femmes are not always divine of course, and many everyday women are heroines in my eyes. My figures are usually more stylised than realistic – it is their essence that I want to convey.

Fabulous Femmes

Image of a Priestess figure made of polymer clay in bas relief on wood, with a gold leaf background and mixed media frame.

The High Priestess (2020)

Polymer clay, metal ball chain, marble, ceramic, found objects
My High Priestess is neither a leader nor a follower of any particular religion or Goddess. She is a worshipper of the Divine spark of life, a venerator of the Universal forces of creation and destruction, and a keeper of the dark secrets of the Cosmos.

Journey (2017)

Unglazed ceramic, smalti, stone on hand-formed cement base
A tribute to a brave breast cancer survivor. This diptych was made using body casts pre and post mastectomy surgery.

Lola (2017)

Ceramic, glass, epoxy clay, fabric, found objects
Transgender bear extraordinaire! Made for the Toy to the World Project – a fund-raising exhibition for the Victorian AIDS Council.

Crystal Ball Gazer (2011)

Unglazed ceramic, smalti, glass, millefiore
For the Gypsy in all of us.

Queen of Hearts (2008)

Ceramic & gold glass
Not the comical figure we know from “Alice in Wonderland”! Rather a more regal figure, akin to Elizabeth I.

Delilah (2008)

Ceramic & glass
In the Bible, Delilah was a figure of betrayal. I prefer to think of her as a strong and successful spy.

Friendship (2008)

I confess to a bit of an obsession with Geishas. I find them mysterious and alluring.

Geisha I (2007)

I also love Japanese wood block prints. This figure is inspired by one such print.

Geisha II (2007)

A companion to her sister above.

Queen of the Night Sea (2007)

This is the first in a series called “The Elementals”. She represents water.

Lady of the Voluminous Veils (2007)

Ceramic & glass
This delicate, ethereal wisp is the embodiment of air.

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