I have always had a deep love of myths, legends and fables and a particular fascination with Goddesses. Far from being constrained by our modern notions of “femininity”, ancient female deities were multi-faceted beings who represented the Divine female in all her forms – nurturing and destructive, capricious and wise, chaste and promiscuous, sacred and profane. Goddess art has been around since humans started painting on cave walls. I have depicted many over the years, in all types of media including painting, sculpture and mosaic. There is such a large pantheon that I expect I will be making Her in many different guises for years to come.

The Goddess Art Series

Image of the Eastern Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmi, Bestower of Blessings (2020)

Polymer clay, glass, buttons, old jewellery, found objects
Lakshmi is an Eastern Goddess of abundance, prosperity and good fortune, known in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Image of the Egyptian Goddess Nut.

Nut, Queen of the Heavens (2020)

Polymer clay, glass, metal, millefiore
Nut was the Egyptian Goddess of the night sky and the Heavens. She was sometimes depicted as a Cow, which was a sacred animal.

Image of the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld

Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld (2020)

Polymer clay, glass, metal, ceramic, old jewellery, found objects
An ancient Goddess of Mesopotamia, Ereshkigal ruled the Underworld in her own right, rather than as the consort to a God.

Image of the Roman Goddess Vesta.

Vesta, Mistress of the Hearth (2019)

Polymer clay, glass, metal, beads, millefiore
Vesta was the Roman Goddess of the Sacred Flame and ruled over the Home.
In the centre of Roman cities there was often a temple to Vesta, which was tended by priestesses known as Vestal Virgins. She was such an important deity that she had a festival, Vestalia, held annually in her honour.

Image of the Slavic Goddess Marzanna

Marzanna, The Ice Maiden (2019)

Polymer clay, glass, metal, beads, millefiore, old jewellery
Marzanna is a Slavic Goddess associated with the Death & Rebirth of Winter.

Image of the Finnish Goddess Mielikki

Mielikki, Guardian of the Forest (2019)

Polymer clay, glass, metal, beads, found objects
Mielikki is a Lithuanian Goddess and Protector of forest animals.

Image of the Celtic Goddess Badh

Badh, The Raven Queen (2018)

Polymer clay, glass, ceramic, metal, beads, found objects
As a Celtic Goddess of war, Badh was a shape-shifter who often appeared in the form of a Raven in battle.

Image of a mixed media mosaic of the Moon Goddess

Amethyst Moon (2012)

Smalti, ceramic tile, art glass, mirror glass, found object
The Goddess of the Moon has many names. She is my favourite.

Image of a mixed media mosaic of the Greek Goddess Iris

Iris (2011)

Smalti, Italian glass, gold, silver & mirror glass, ceramic
Iris was the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow. As well as being a messenger for the Gods, the female counterpart of Hermes, Iris was also known as the replenisher of oceans and rivers.

A square ceramic mosaic featuring a demure female figure in brown and white robes holding a pomegranate that is spilling 9 seeds onto the ground. There is a sheaf of corn on her other side.

Demeter Blessing the Earth (2008)

Demeter was one of the great Olympian Goddesses. Her Roman counterpart is Ceres. When Demeter’s daughter, Persephone, was abducted by Hades, Demeter spent many years wandering the earth searching for her. Her grief made the land barren. Eventually, the gods brokered a truce between Hades and Demeter. Persephone was allowed to visit her mother for eight months of the year. These months are represented by the pomegranate seeds that Demeter is spilling onto the earth

Goddess of the Vines (2007)

The third work in “The Elementals” series, this Goddess represents Earth and is here nourishing the grape vines – a very important job!

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