When I am not creating in the studio or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, my other favourite place to be is in the garden. There is always something happening no matter the time of year. Whether I am planting, weeding, harvesting, or just sitting relaxing with a coffee or a glass of wine in hand, the garden is both a source of inspiration and a unique gallery space when it comes to art. Mosaic art is particularly suited to being outdoors. Many of my Flower pavers would be equally happy at home in this collection.

Art in the Garden: Fun & Function

Naiad (2016)

Smalti, glass, metal ball chain, hand-crafted cement flower
A small-ish patio water feature. Easy to move around so that you can have the relaxing sound of trickling water anywhere!

What’s Your Footprint? (2016)

Glazed & unglazed ceramic
A garden paver with a message – remember to tread lightly on the Earth.

The Vegetable Patch (2013)

Glass, smalti, millefiore
A motley bunch for the organised gardener. These were fun to make!

Essence (2011)

Another patio water feature that is equally happy indoors or in the garden.

Keeper of Souls (2008)

Originally intended as a wall piece, I turned this into an outdoor table when I realised it was too heavy to hang. The title refers to the Celtic Goddess Ceridwyn, who was the keeper of the sacred cauldron of knowledge. This table is the perfect size for summer cocktails and nibbles for two!

Sacred Papyrus (2010)

I don’t often make garden pots, but the shape of this little metal planter leant itself to an Egyptian-style make-over.

Mexican Table (2007)

Ceramic Tiles
Perfect for summer fiestas!