People sometimes tell me that my work is unusual or quirky. I am a bit eccentric. My love of science fiction and fantasy is because those genres are full of imagination and possibility. I also have a warped sense of humour so I get a good laugh from satire and dark comedy. Art that is facetious, silly, witty, fun or has an edge to it is very appealing to me. It stops me from taking everything so seriously. We all need a break from the bad and the sad news that affronts us daily. We definitely need some whimsical art and some fun and nonsense in today’s weird world!

Whimsical Art

Wishing Chair III (2020)

Polymer clay, fabric, buttons, metal, wood, ribbon
This is the third in my ongoing series of Wishing Chairs, based on the children’ books by Enid Blyton. I love wings – they are time-consuming to make, but very satisfying!

Wishing Chair II (2019)

Polymer clay, glitter tiles, wire, metal ball chain
I wanted a more delicate touch for this small chair, so I chose butterfly wings. It is a simple, more subdued piece.

Wishing Chair I (2019)

Polymer clay, glitter tiles, fabric, wire
The first chair in the Wishing Chair Series. It’s quite glam and I love rocking chairs!

A quirky piece that contains multiple meanings and symbolism

Feed Your Head ( 2019)

Ceramic, polymer clay, glass, metal, found objects
A sculpture inspired by the song “White Rabbit”, by Jefferson Airplane. The song is full of references to Lewis Caroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. It was also about the psychedelic drug culture of the time and was performed at Woodstock in 1969.

Feed Your Head (2019) – Detail

Ceramic, polymer clay, glass, metal, found objects
Yes, she does have a small brain – it needs feeding!

Grizelle is an eccentric crone who likes to cast whimsical charms

Grizelle (2019)

Polymer clay, wire, fabric, glass tiles, found objects
Grizelle is a sculpture with a history. I first began work on her when I was a student at art school. Then she languished in drawers and cupboards for many years. I finally got around to finishing her in 2019 and despite her grumpy face, she is happy!

A whimsical piece about being stuck, either figuratively or metaphorically

Feeling Boxed In? (2017)

Pebbles, vitreous glass, unglazed ceramic & cement mortar
A work created for an exhibition titled “Thinking Beyond the Square”. I want viewers of this work to think beyond their own boundaries – to break free of stereotypes and the limits they set upon themselves.

A bunch of loveable and mischievous nursery rhyme characters make for a fun piece

Hey Diddle Diddle (2017)

Polymer clay, ceramic, glass, found objects
One of my favourite nursery rhymes!

Painted Lady (2017)

Glass, beads, unglazed ceramic, polymer clay, metal, MDF
This was a bit of an experiment – an attempt to make an interactive sculpture. The wings can be closed or open.

Painted Lady (2017) – Inside View

Glass, beads, unglazed ceramic, polymer clay, metal, MDF
The wings are held together by magnets when they are closed. Can you spot them?

A fanciful side table with a dancing disco chick

Disco Chick (2007)

Ceramic tile, glass, mirror tile
The inspiration for this early fun side table came from a cartoon drawing.

Want a whimsical piece of your own?
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